Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our mini trip

On a funner note. Today we made a mini trip to a discovery place for children our ages unlike COSI which is more foccused now on older children. It was awesome. They had aquatics, which was fun because we got to manipulate water. They had a two story twisty slide that our children including my husband enjoyed. They had play houses, dress up, a general market with little shopping carts and play food. They had an indoor zoo, which was awesome. They had a pit with burried fossils you got to dig up, and the "sand" was recycled rubber from tires. It was a great day, and we all enjoyed every second of it. Here are som pictures.

Riley wondering were he should put the ball.

That was fun! and yes thats me.

Riley coming down a much smaller version of the two story slide.

Daddy and the two girls.


  1. Did I miss something. How did you get the children back.

  2. We got 3 of our 6 back because CPS had no warrant to take them. They completely traumatized them though. Our one year old wont let us out of his sight. Way to go. Our three year old is non stop aplogizing because she thought she was being punished. And our five year old has been upset about everything. Good ole' government trying to take control.