Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I just wanted to stop in, we've all been battling sickness especially me for some odd reason I just can't seem to stay well. Anyways, we had a talk with our lawyer. Little man falling down the stairs is mostly the reason cps took him from us. Yes, he has fallen sadly because his therapists figured it was okay to teach a child who can't even walk and was perfectly fine crawling up and down the stairs, how to walk up them. A lot of the issue was because we don't have a gate up on our stairs. Im going to share with you pictures of our stairs and where CPS wants us to place the gate.


We have spindles going all the way up. Half way up our stairs is the only place a gate can be. 8 steps up mind you.

Half way up.
Now tell me....is that safe? Because honestly it isnt. He can still try to walk up the stairs, and he can also pull the gate down. We hadn't had any problems with stairs until his therapy. These are the people who are telling us how to raise our children. I feel as though im going nuts. I wish the judge saw these photos and finally realized that CPS is a crock-o-crap. Oh, and also we are supposed to have plug covers on all our outlets. Are you kidding me? We took them out because all of our children can take them out, and our one year old was sticking them in his mouth. AmAZing! seriously..

My husband put out our christmas lights today, they look wonderful. Our tree is up, now all thats left is christmas shopping. Hopefully I wont go overboard this year.