Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Harvest

  I just love fall. The beautiful turning leaves, the wonderful smells of pumpkin pie and every other smell that traditionally comes around this time of year. I can do without the cold, and the raking of said beautiful leaves. Lots of wonderful pictures can be taken; the kaleidoscope of colors makes a wonderful ambiance to whomever, or whatever you are taken pictures of.
  Our oldest, who is turning 5 in a couple of weeks got her first of many birthday presents today. She got a new bike. The one she had was far to small for her. And I figured..might as well give it to her now, so atleast she can ride it this year.

  I have been finishing up the last of my cooking, since i've been sick lately it has gotten done in shifts for the last couple of days. Right now theres a huge pot of chicken soup cooking away. Its making the house smell wonderful.

  Anyways, Here are some of my pictures I took of the two girls while the boys were napping.

Merebear Loves Leaves.....

TayTay Loves Leaves....

They Both Love Leaves....



Just thought I would add these pictures, I thought they were cute.



To Dance!.....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy Busy

Just got finished cooking my monthly amount of meals. I would highly recommend everyone with a large family to use this book called Cook for a day, eat for a month. I know I don't always have time to fix nutritious meals everyday, especially since our schedule is so crazy with doctors apts, visiting a baby in one hospital and the driving an hour and a half to see the other baby. It takes pretty much all day, I started at around 5pm and im just now finishing "most" (I got about 20 meals done) and it's about 11:20pm right now.

I've been sick today, so we weren't able to see any of the babies. The last thing we want is to get them sick, and because they are still tiny there would be a bigger chance that they might.

Grandma and Grandpa took the too oldest today to see their Grandma-Great, whom we visit or try to visit every other week. They got home at around 7:30 tonight. It's nice when they take them because we get to just stick them in bed ha-ha. We love our family, and we spend a lot of time with them. That’s one thing you should always cherish. Tomorrow is a slow day, which means I may be able to get stuff done, get the oldest school work done on time, and maybe have enough time to rest up so I don't get sicker. Hopefully.

I hope everyone has a great night, and a beautiful day tomorrow.


It seems like our life is always spiraling out of control, but we are always able somehow to maintain some form of stability, especially for our children’s sake. We have experienced far more in the three years we've been a complete family than most have for years and years.

Our two year old son was born very early at 30 weeks, I had a placental abruption, was in a ton of pain, but no one at the hospital believed I was in labor. He was in distress for more than 3 hours before they finally allowed me to push him out. As a result of this, he has many many medical problems that we still aren’t sure how to diagnose. Is he autistic? Well he's very smart. Does he have cerebral palsy? Yes, and it affects everything he does. The list goes on and on. Because of his lack of diagnoses for other things, CPS is now in our lives and has been for the past year. We were accused of being Neglectful parents because we can't figure out whets wrong with him, and because he doesn't have said diagnosis we are obviously the reason he is how he is. But infact, we are the reason he is able to walk, crawl, sit, eat, and talk. Which they have recently taken credit for to validate their existence. I will probably discuss in my blog a lot about them, and most of the things I say..well..You get the idea, they are just another part of our lives now.

We recently had our twins who were born at 29 weeks, emergency c-section at 11:30am. Little Bella Grace, and Little Mike. Bella was doing wonderfully in the "nursery" at the hospital and was able to come home with us. Her brother is still on oxygen and will be sent home on it. Saturday at 9:45am Bella stopped breathing as we were getting ready to shopping. We immediately got her out of her car seat and started performing CPR. I couldn't get air down her so I had to stick my fingers down her to get out all the mucus that was blocking her airway, She was trying to breathe but couldn't..all I remember is her eyes and how she was looking at me in complete horror. I called 911 as my husband continued CPR and I was racing around to find our cell phone to call my parents to let them know what had happened and allow them enough time to get over to our house to watch the rest of our children. After about 3 minutes, which seemed an eternity the ambulance came and she was finally breathing on her own.

She is now down at a bigger city hospital she had to be intubated, which today they removed but she had another episode. They don't know why, which makes us worry even more. I will update when I find out new news. We just need Prayer right now.

Please Pray for our little Bella Grace

Little Bella Grace is doing a lot better and is responding well to medication. She's still on the ventilator, but they are hoping to take that out today. We are thinking that maybe she had a severe asthma attack. I will post more about it later today, I need to get to bed we have a big overworked day today.